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PriorityZones provides mobile biometric authenticated credentials for access control and zone management to global events and venues
why priorityzones

A modern solution for your workforce

Our solution is in step with current venue and event operating requirements such as social distance verification, remote administration, and remote digital authentication.
Our Features

The right features for your event

Existing Environment

Customized and interactive digital credential delivered to mobile devices via app

Handsfree and Contactless

Access control and zone management with handsfree and contactless accessibility delivering a faster and more secure process


Bi-directional communication allows teams to respond to live updates and alerts

Workforce Geolocation

Access data driven analytics and mapping to improve staff management


Dashboard management allows issuing and revoking in real time

Updates and Alerts

Receive real-time reports, updates, and alerts through the central dashboard

Health Credentials

Integrate health assessments based on risks and rolls, support for assessment surveys, home and lab tests and onsite diagnostics and retain credentialed user’s health privacy via health policy integration.
our product

We increase safety by reducing risk

Secured by biometric authentication
Solutions that address pandemic operating standards such as social distancing
Customize rules for roles and individuals
Register workforce in less than 2 mins
Geolocation and visual mapping of workforce
Remote and mobile management via mobile dashboard
Decrease fraudulent credentials
Sectors Served

We support every event type

We support activities such as sporting events, entertainment, performing arts, gala dinners, conferences, and conventions in venues such as stadiums, arenas, performing arts centers, universities, racecourses, festivals, and green-field and pop-up sites.
How it works

Walk through our product step by step



Create events, zones, access points, roles, rules, and customizable credentials

Invite and authenticate

Invite users via secure email or SMS, users then download the app onto their mobile device and undertake accreditation verification and biometric authentication process.


At access points, the digital credential authenticates with the platform displaying users’ privileges and sends identifiable information.  Immediate verification of access approval is communicated.


Issue, revoke and change rules of credential in real-time

Communicate and View

Communicate via the app via text, video or voice and view workforce geolocation


Run real-time reports accessing location and timing of credentialed user
About us

The PriorityZones mission

To empower all venue managers and event organizers to deliver exceptional results through dynamic, customizable, and contactless mobile access control and zone management systems to provide increased safety, efficiency, and value.

About Us

PriorityZones was founded with a vision to challenge the way venues and events are delivered and to develop contemporary paradigm shifting solutions. We engaged worldwide industry experts, undertook comprehensive research and development, had fun along the way and we believe we have designed and developed a “game-changer.” PriorityZones digital credential solution will empower venue operators and event organizers to deliver safer, more efficient and simply better experiences to all who attend, manage and participate.

What our clients say

Priority Zones demonstrated that their unique biometric staff accreditation model works for major events like the Australian Open. We are excited to be the first major sporting event in Australia and major global tennis tournament to leverage such technology.
Tennis Austrailia
“I have been involved in or led the accreditation management for big sporting events for a while now, and I have never seen anything like this. It could really streamline the credentialing process for event organizers; and the fact that it would work in partnership with existing accreditation systems providers and software programs is another big plus.”
Super Bowl 50
Priority Zones' biometric approach to the credential and security aspects of our game creates a more secure event. The security of our game, as you know, is of utmost importance to us and all Bowl games. Your Group has done a thorough job of identifying our credential and security needs from your on-site visits and analysis and have an effective solution to making us as secure as possible. It seems as though this approach will not only lend itself to our industry but to sporting events of all types. We are looking forward to working with Priority Zones…and expanding your involvement in our game and future events around the bowl."
Arizona Bowl
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